Locksmiths in Wolverhampton Attend Burglary – A Hole Lot of Effort!

As a local locksmith in Wolverhampton we do get to see some unusual situations shall we say; From ladies who need a locksmiths in Wolverhampton having locked themselves out in their dressing gowns to more serious burglaries.

Every job we go out to requires our skills and professionalism as our customer relies on us to help them in very stressful situations.

‘I’ve been called to a large number of burglaries and attempted burglaries, usually when I get there I find that the burglar has either managed to break in through a door or a window. However the most recent one was a bit different.  The burglar had gone to a hole lot of effort!’

‘I received a call at 06:00 a.m. last Thursday from a shop keeper in Wolverhampton, so I loaded my van and got over there at approx. 06:30 a.m. When I got there the owner told me that the burglar alarm had gone off & they couldn’t open the roller shutters at the front of the shop. When I looked I could see the reason for this, someone had put super glue inside the cylinder locks which stopped the owner from inserting his key. Due to the lock being glued there was no alternative but to drill the lock open, which I did. The owner then opened the front door to the shop & we went inside. The owner then went through to the back of the shop and found how the burglars had attempted to get in. Rather than attempt to force a window or door they had tried to knock a hole in the wall big enough for someone to climb through (see the photograph below).’

locksmiths in wolverhampton hole lot of effort

‘Having seen the hole at the back of the shop it soon became apparent that they had glued the locks at the front of the shop so that they wouldn’t be disturbed whilst knocking a hole in the back. Fortunately, the falling debris must have triggered the PIR’s in the shop & the burglar alarm sounded which meant that the burglars scarpered empty handed.’ said Wolverhamptons Lockmsiths, Rob Vickers.

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