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Lock Your Door Before Going To Bed! Advice from Locksmiths in Wolverhampton

WARNING – Latched not Locked – Burglary Risk

I was called out recently to change the locks on a property in Wolverhampton that had just been burgled, when I asked the customer how the burglar had gained entry to their home they told me that they had gone to bed without turning the key on the UPVC door. They were under the impression that closing the door was a sufficient deterrent because they had a split spindle on their locking mechanism, which means that when the door is closed you need a key to open the door from the outside. Their assumption was partly correct, you do need a key, unless you are a Locksmith or a Burglar, then there a number of ways in which these types of doors can be opened within seconds without the need for any specialised tools (I am not able to publish these for obvious reasons), so if you do have this type of door then please make sure that you lift the handle & turn the key and don’t rely on the latching mechanism.

If you live in Wolverhampton or Black Country Area and are worried about this issue or if you have any other concerns about your door locks or home security then please ring us.  We are a reliable locksmiths in Wolverhampton and cover the Birmingham, Black Country and surrounding areas.  We will be happy to help. We operate a 24 hour emergency service and fixed prices for your peace of mine so if you need a reliable locksmith in Wolverhampton then please don’t hesitate to call.

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