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Lock Snapping – Fit Anti-Snap Locks to your door – Advice from local Locksmiths in Wolverhampton

If your door is a UPVC (plastic) or Composite (made of a combination of materials – Steel / Wood / plastic) door, you probably feel secure in your home. When you lift the handle and you see / hear the bolts shoot out it looks and sounds great……..it makes you feels safe.

Well here’s the problem, these types of door are fitted with multi-point locks which rely on a device called a euro cylinder (barrel) to activate the lock. 90% of these euro cylinders are vulnerable because they can be snapped off with very little force.

Take the advice from your local locksmiths in Wolverhampton.

Most Burglars are now aware of this and are using this method to break into houses within seconds. In fact the problem has become that widespread in Yorkshire that the police have issued a notice, warning the public about this issue. This problem is further compounded if the euro cylinder protrudes more than 3mm away from the handle (see image) because it makes it easier for the cylinder to be snapped (The more it protrudes the easier it is to snap).

Euro Clinder Protruding from the handle

This issue can be resolved quite easily by fitting a Anti-Snap / Snap-Safe cylinder to your door. These locks are designed to snap at a safe point which stops the burglar gaining access to your locking mechanism.

If you require any more information on Anti-Snap / Snap-Safe locks then please don’t hesitate to call one of our locksmiths in your area. The contact details can be found on the area pages of this website.

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