24 hour Locksmith called to a home in halesowen when burglars attempt to gain access by snapping the lock

24 Hour Locksmith called to another Lock Snapping incident in the Halesowen area –

I was called out to an attempted burglary in Halesowen at 04:30 a.m. this morning, on this occasion the burglars had broken the handle and snapped off the lock on a UPVC door in order to gain entry (see image below).

Secure Home Locksmiths - Lock Snapping Incident in Halesowen

Fortunately the owners heard the burglars & came downstairs which disturbed them so they fled emptied handed, unfortunately this type of break in is becoming all too common, the latest statistics show that over 25% of burglaries are the result of locks snapping. In fact the problem has become so widespread in Yorkshire that they have issued a notice, warning the public about this issue.Most burglars are aware of this method & are using it to break into homes within seconds. This issue is further compounded if the lock protrudes more than 3mm away from the handle plate (see image below) because this means that burglars don’t even need to remove the handle.

Euro Clinder Protruding from the handle

Don’t panic though, this issue can easily be resolved by fitting an anti-snap / snap-safe lock to your door. These locks are designed to snap at a safe point which stops the burglar gaining access to the locking mechanism.

If you are concerned about this issue & you live in the Halesowen area (or any of the areas below) then please feel free to call a locksmith on one of the telephone numbers in the area pages of this website.

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