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Problems with your UPVC Door?

Do you have problems with your UPVC door? Are you suffering from any of these problems? If so call your local locksmiths in Wolverhampton on 01902 690 840.

1. The door will not open
2. The door will not close
3. The door rubs on the frame when opening and closing it.
4. The door handle is difficult to lift very locking it.
5. The door will not lock (key will not turn)
6. The key has snapped in the lock.
7. The door will not unlock (key will not turn or the handle will not go down)
8. The handle just spins around but the door will not open.

UPVC Door Out of Line/Misaligned

All the issues above are symptoms of an out of line (misaligned) door, issues 1-6 can easily be resolved by readjusting the door within the frame. However if the door is left unattended then the likely result will be damage to the locking mechanism (see symptoms 7 & 8 above), which means that this mechanism will need repairing or replacing. These repairs can be costly, the price can range from between £130 & £350 depending on the manufacturer of the mechanism & which Locksmith company you call. If you ring a local independent locksmith company such as Secure Home Locksmiths then the cost will close to the £130 mark but if you call a national company the price will be closer to £350 (see an explanation for this in the article published on 31/03/2014 – How to find a good reputable locksmith).

UPVC Door Repair Cost

The cost that Secure Home Locksmiths, your local locksmiths in Wolverhampton will charge to realign a UPVC door ranges from £39 to £49 depending of the severity of the misalignment, which as you can see is a lot cheaper than replacing a damaged mechanism. Therefore my advice would be to get it corrected immediately. The issues can get a lot worse in severe weather conditions, the amount of doors that needed realigning or the mechanism being replaced more than doubled in July last year due to the very hot weather (this was due to the plastic doors bending in the extreme heat).

If you have any concerns about your locks or doors then please ring us. We are happy to attend your home & give you a free no obligation quote for the work that your require.

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