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Locksmiths in Bridgnorth say lock snapping burglaries on rise

As a local locksmiths we get to see first hand the devastation of break-ins and burglaries.  So we would like to offer some advise about a quick technique called ‘lock snapping’ which thieves are using to break into properties and give you some inexpensive advise on how to prevent yourself becoming a victim.

We were recently called out by one of the victims of this crime to replace their locks. While on site a policeman informed me that the victims neighbour had also been burgled on the same night and the burglar had used the same lock snapping method to gain entry. We also visited the first property a few days later to fit a new burglar alarm system and were informed that a third neighbour had also been burgled using the lock snapping method.

Lock snapping is now the most common method used by burglars to enter properties, it is estimated that between 25-30% of all burglaries are now caused by criminals using this method.  Examples are shown below.

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Lock snapping is extensively used by burglars because it is so simple to do & can be carried out using normal DIY tools.  To make the situation worse there are numerous videos on a popular video sharing site teaching people how to snap locks.

The doors that are at risk are UPVC and composite doors (any door where you lift the handle & then turn the key to lock it). The majority of these doors are fitted with standard handles and euro cylinder type locks that break with very little force, this then provides access to a the door locking mechanism with can be opened very easily.

This issue can easily be resolved by fitting an anti-snap euro cylinder (snap safe cylinder) or easier to remember ‘an anti-snap lock’  to your door and cost from £20 per lock. These locks are designed to snap at a safe point which stops burglars gaining access to your locking mechanism. To find out more about Anti-Snap locks and other ways of protecting your home then please feel free to call us, your local locksmith; Secure Home Locksmith on 07840 814 212.

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