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Local locksmith Advises on How to Keep Your Home Secure This Christmas

As Christmas approaches, your home will be start to be filled with expensive gifts for your loved ones, but whilst you are looking forward to giving & receiving these presents, burglars are looking forward to stealing them.

Below are top 10 Festive Tips from your local locksmiths to help stop you being burgled this Christmas.

  1. Make Sure that you Lock all your Doors & Windows

Sounds obvious I know, but nearly 30% of burglaries are committed by burglars entering the property through an open door or window – Don’t make it easy, make sure that you check every entry point is locked before you go out or go to bed.

  1. Hide Presents

Make sure that presents are well hidden & aren’t visible via downstairs windows, this will take some of the temptation away for a passing burglar.

  1. Fit Anti-Snap / Snap Safe Lock to your UPVC / Composite Doors

Lock snapping is fast becoming the most common way in which burglars gain entry to properties. It is quick, quiet & easy to do. What’s more the tools used are normal DIY tools & can easily be hidden in a burglars pocket. The people at risk are anyone who has a UPVC or composite door, don’t worry though this issue can easily be resolved by fitting Anti-Snap / Snap Safe locks to your door for as little as £20 per lock. For more information about Anti Snap locks or to obtain a free quotation then you can call Rob direct on 07840 814212.

  1. Always Look like Someone’s Home

Going to Christmas party’s, visiting friends & relatives, is something that most people do at Christmas time, so its inevitable that the home will be empty during the festive period. However it doesn’t have to look empty – closing the curtains & leaving lights on, using timers to turn lamps on & off, leaving a friend or neighbours car on the driveway are all ways of making it look like someone’s at home.

  1. Fit a Good Quality Alarm

Again this is a good deterrent, burglars don’t like to draw attention to themselves. It should also help reduce your insurance premiums, Make sure that you turn it on though, many insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you tell them that you’ve got an alarm but haven’t turned it on when burgled.  Make sure that any faults are repaired; neighbours will ignore your alarm if it’s constantly going off. Secure Home Locksmiths are currently supplying and fitting Yale Premium alarms for £299. To get your Yale Premium alarm fitted before Christmas, call Rob direct on 07840 814 212, be quick though we don’t have may slots left.

  1. Hide Car Keys

Make sure that your car keys aren’t visible through your windows or doors – Many house are broken into purely to steal an expensive car on the drive.

  1. Don’t Make Your Car an Easy Target

The current weather forecast leading up to Christmas says that the overnight temperatures will be dropping as low as 1 degrees Centigrade which means that we could have some frosts. Make sure that you don’t leave you car unattended when using the heater to defrost your windscreen – This type of crime is very common, car thieves are often on the look out for this. P.S – Its unlikely that your insurance company will pay out if you do this.

  1. Never Leave a Spare Key under a Mat or Flower Pot

Yes, people still do this – These are the first places that a burglar will look, if necessary consider leaving them with a relative or trusted neighbour.

  1. Install Insurance Approved Locks

Make sure that the locks are fitted to your wooden doors conform to BS3621 requirements (locks that have a British Standard Kite mark & number stamped on them). Most insurance companies will not pay out if the lock doesn’t conform to these requirements.

For more information regarding this issue, then call Rob on 07840 814 212.

  1. Outside Lights

Fit outside lights that have motion detectors – Burglars don’t like to be seen, so this works as an excellent deterrent & will also alert you and your neighbours to any intruders.

Your local locksmith wishes you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

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