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Good Locksmiths in Bridgnorth

The security of your home is crucial which makes it vitally important that your choose a reputable, good locksmiths in Bridgnorth when required.

Below is a list of tips to help you choose such a company when required.

1. Ask a friend or relative if they know of a good Locksmith, if they have been given a good service then you should be able to expect the same.

2. Ask the locksmith if they are a member of trade association such as the NNAL (National Network of approved Locksmiths) or MLA (The Master Locksmiths Association). If the answer is yes then the locksmith should carry an identification card as proof. Secure Home Locksmiths personnel are members of the NNAL.

3. Avoid using National Companies, they companies rarely employ their own Locksmiths, instead they merely call a local locksmith on your behalf. Many locksmiths that work for these companies will be novices and will not have been properly vetted.
You will also pay a premium for their services because you are paying two companies (the national company + the local locksmith). These company’s aren’t always easy to spot because they will use local telephone numbers that divert to a national call centre. You should be able to tell the difference though because you will speak to a call centre operative rather than a locksmith. Examples of these companies are Keytek, Fort Secure, Tradetek (Expert Local Locksmith on Yell.com) and Evander Locks & Glazing.

4. If possible agree a price before the locksmith visits your property but if not possible always make sure you agree a price before the work is started.

5. Avoid company’s that charge an hourly rate + parts + VAT, this gives the locksmith the opportunity to –

A – Drag out the job (often the locksmith will run just over the hour so they can add another hours charge),
B – Add a large mark up to the cost of the locks,
C – Add a further 20% to your bill.

Instead try to find a company that charge a fixed rate for there services.

6. Always ring at least two or three companies when obtaining a quote especially if you haven’t used a locksmith before (remember fixed rates are usually best).

7. When you’ve found a good Locksmith save their number in your phone, you never know when you will need them again.

To find a Locksmith that conforms to all these requirements in the Birmingham and Black Country area click on the areas pages of this website.

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