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Fit Correct Locks for Insurance Advice from Locksmiths in Wolverhampton

Hopefully you never have to claim for a break-in. But be warned that unless you have the correct lock fitted, an insurance company may not pay out when you need it most.  Take this advice from your local locksmiths in Wolverhampton.

If your thinking of changing a lock on an external wooden door then it’s important that at least one of the locks on each door complies with the requirements of BS3621 (detailed below). These locks will be clearly identified by having the British Standard Kite mark & number stamped on them (see image). Some insurance companies will not pay out if the property is burgled & the locks do conform to these requirements.

BS Kitemark

The requirements of BS3621 have been periodically updated over the years but the latest standards (2007) require that –

1. The lock case must resist drilling for a minimum of 5 minutes using standard tools.
2. The lock bolt must resist drilling / cutting for a minimum of five minutes using standard tools.
3. The lock must be fitted with a curtain to help resist picking.
4. The bolt must protrude at least 20mm from the edge of the door.
5. The keep (the part on the door frame that the bolt goes into) must be full bodied (not just a flat plate) & be made of solid steel.
6. The bolt must also resist a sideways force of 10 Kilonewtons.

If you require any additional information or require a free no obligation quote for replacing your locks then please don’t hesitate to call your local locksmiths in Wolverhampton on 01902 690 840.

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